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Curious Things...

My essay for The Paris Review.
The Case For Melancholy, The New York Times, November 7, 2015
I forgot to ask Mister Finch if he eats magical mushrooms.

Faerie Magazine, winter issue.

It's road trip season! Follow me on my Scottish Faerie Trail in Faerie Magazine at B&N.
Ever dream of living in an 18th-century Pineapple? One of Scotland's most magical destinations.
Me and Joel Grey @ The Museum of the City of New York : Joel Grey/A New York Life

I sent Joel Grey a weird poem when I was in high school and he wrote back! Years later, he was gracious enough to write a pithy book blurb for my Bohemian Manifesto book, so the least I could do was pay homage to him in my new novel-in-progress (The 27-Notebooks of Nick Dante) with a curious character named Klaus.

Vegan beauty innovator David Klasfeld in his shop on Ludlow Street

My interview with the curiously charming David Klasfeld, creator of OCC