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Laren Stover, a melancholy connoisseur, writes fiction, non-fiction, plays and fairy tales and is co-founder of Ivory Tower Studios, a stationery company on Etsy. She is the author of three books—the cult-classic novel, Pluto, Animal Lover, a finalist for the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award, Bohemian Manifesto, A Field Guide to Living on the Edge and The Bombshell Manual of Style, pivotal in exploding Bombshell consciousness into a popular genre.

She is former editor at large of Faerie Magazine and her writing has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, The Paris Review Daily, The New York Observer, L'Officiel, Bomb, Deutsch Vogue and Guernica Magazine.

Laren is a fellow of Yaddo and Hawthornden Castle and has received the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation grant for fiction and the Dana Award. Her dramatic works have been performed at various venues including Naked Angels Theatre, New Georges Theatre, the Algonquin Hotel, The Carlyle, The Chateau Marmont and EST. She wrote the libretto for composer Lowell Liebermann's Appalachian Liebesleider, which premiered at Carnegie Hall.

In addition, Laren has been sought out as a style expert with readings/interviews on NPR with Leonard Lopate, The Early Show with Bryant Gumbal and Lisa Birnbach, CNN with Rachel Wells, The Caroline Rhea Show, WOR-TV, Oxygen and National Swedish Television.

She has a degree in the fine arts and has a passion for calligraphy, Japanese woodcuts, tea, organic farming, vintage fairy tale illustrations, vintage fashion, and enjoys asking friends to take The Proust Questionnaire.


She is currently retired from writing and someday hopes to have a greenhouse and a small organic farm. A refreshed edition of Bohemian Manifesto with new chapters and new art by Izak was published April 27, 2020 and is currrently unavailable.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, she now lives in the West Village in New York City.
INSTAGRAM: Faerie_Style and @bohemian_manifesto_book