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Alan Cumming sweetly says this of the new edition of Bohemian Manifesto!
"Now more than ever this book is the mandatory manual every pixie warrior about town will turn to for guidance on resisting with zen, rebelling with style, yet always retaining kindness, individuality and buckets of je sais quoi! It's written with wit, humour and a sprinkling of faerie dust!"
—Alan Cumming

Bohemian Manifesto, A Field Guide to Living on the Edge

 Bohemianism is a way of life, a state of mind, an atmosphere. It is not a trend, it's a timeless movement. It's about living richly and irreverently, beyond convention. Bohemian Manifesto explores and joyfully celebrates the creativity, the originality, and the splendor of a lifestyle and spirit shared by free-thinking, free-living artists, poets, writers, sculptors, musicians, and intellectuals. This is the first book to distill and categorize all the ingredients of Bohemian life and define the five types of Bohemians. In a witty and engaging style, Laren Stover examines the contents of a Bohemians closet, bathroom, and bookshelf. She explains the allure of absinthe, why it isn't wise to leave a Bohemian unattended in your home—you could return to find nude nymphs painted on your lamp shades—and how to identify what type of Bohemian you might be.
Illustrated by Parisian born Izak.

The Bombshell Manual of Style

What is a Bombshell? She is a compelling bundle of contradictions, a combustible blend of confidence and vulnerability, sauce and naivete. She wears high heels but kicks them off at every opportunity. Adores négligées and charmeuse gowns but can't wait to peel them off. She always expects to run into somebody who matters, even if she's home alone. A Bombshell never dresses carelessly and always wears marabou mules around the house. She behaves as if life is a movie and she is the star.
In this glittering beauty and lifestyle guide packed with pearls of wisdom, Laren Stover and her co-writers have compiled everything a woman needs to know to live the Bombshell life. Lushly illustrated by Ruben Toledo.

Pluto, Animal Lover

Meet the charming Pluto Hellbender Gerome, an ASPCA dog-walker, copyeditor of a pancreatic medical journal, and spin-art artist. He is obsessed with cleanliness, his health, astrology, animals and whether or not they're being treated humanely, and with Wanda, a beautiful redhead and fellow dog-walker with a mysterious night job.
Pluto's twisted sensibility, radical compulsions, despair at human behavior, and utopian dreams—realized with the help of his pet raven, Sunshine—drive the novel toward a climax that is as inevitable as it is surprising. At once dark comedy and psychological suspense, Pluto, Animal Lover introduces a character you will never forget and a writer with one of the most daring and distinctive voices in contemporary literature.