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Bohemian Manifesto, A Field Guide to Living on the Edge

Lushly illustrated... Laren Stover's whimsical, tongue-not-completely-in-cheek Manifesto... might first sound as if Stover is just having a little fun. But her intent is deeper. With humor and poetry fueled by historical overview, Stover sketches various textures of bohemia... she sees bohemianism as a mosaic of possibilities shaped by what it brushes up against.

Los Angeles Times

First, it's elegant... second, it's amusing... This is a playful manifesto.
Los Angeles Times Book Review

Extrapolating from the mores of the original bohemians and adding some contemporary flourishes (from the Beats and the Abstract-Expressionists and nine living examples of the genus, see “Nine Case Studies,” Page 203), Laren Stover, author of The Bombshell Manual of Style, has written this dreamy field guide.
The New York Times

A self-help book in reverse... At a time when 'moral values' seem to be foremost in the minds of millions, Stover's book might appear no less threatening than the Communist Manifesto.
The Baltimore Sun

A really fun read, akin to a triple espresso.
—Joel Grey

Reading Laren Stover is not simply an engagement of the senses. It is a seduction of the senses—transporting you to the magical and softly illuminating place whence she writes. The book in your hand is a rare ticket out of here, to where people live and breathe and play with fire.
—Nick Tosches

The bourgeois world is a real world in which everything is fake. The bohemian world is a fake world in which everything is real. Laren Stover catalogs those realities with accuracy, sympathy and intoxicating charm.
—Tom Robbins

This book makes the connection between spiritual and creative elements. It inspired me to go deeper into my own Bohemianism.
—Lisa Marie

Bohemia—the land where no passport is required—just your own free spirit.
—Richard E. Grant

Stover wrote her playful anthropology of Bohemian culture from an insider's viewpoint... non-bohemians will find it a delightful introduction to that unique existence.
Publishers Weekly